‘We give you thanks, Lord God, for this Church’

Our Lady of Fatima Parish Kingsgrove was founded on the 14th March, 1948, when Father Eamon Clune was appointed Parish Priest of the new Parish of Kingsgrove-Bexley North.

Clune Centre

On Sunday, 13 March 1949, the foundation stone was laid by Cardinal Gilroy and the church/hall dedicated to Our Lady of Fatima.

The blessing and opening occurred on Sunday, 20 November 1949, and saw the culmination of long awaited, cherished hopes of the Catholic people of Kingsgrove.

On completion of the new Church in September 1970, the building continued to be used as a hall with meeting rooms and office.

This building is still used as the parish hall, otherwise known as the ‘Clune Centre’.

Our Lady of Fatima Church

According to the architects Maclurcan and Brown it was the first church in Australia, and one of the first in the world, to have a central altar.

This allows for the people to assist fully in the offering of the Eucharist.

The Church was built to seat 1,750, making it one of the biggest in the Archdiocese of Sydney.

The Church was consecrated by Cardinal Gilroy on September 6, 1970 when it was not fully completed.

The church was built in an era of great liturgical change, just following the Second Vatican Council.

The changes in the Liturgy had one object in view, the full and active participation of the people, so that they become a vital community, especially in the central action of the Liturgy – the offering of the Eucharist.

Our missions includes:

  • Actively celebrating meaningful Liturgies together.
  • Open to the challenge of renewal as we meet the changing spiritual needs of our parishioners.
  • Accept ownership of our Parish by encouraging active participation.
  • Reach out in love, compassion, and understanding to serve God’s people.